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Let's Not Get Carried Away !!


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At last - a win !! And some lucky breaks going OUR way for once.


However, if I were a Stevenage fan, I would have come away from the ground shaking my head in disbelief. In terms of ability and commitment, I felt they passed the ball better than we did and, more importantly, seemed more determined to win the 50/50's. We didn't close them down in midfield, although did block very well on the edge of the box, but last ditch defending frightens the living daylights out of me and always seems to eventually lead to clear cut chances, as happened a few times today.


On a positive note - Very pleased to see Wilko back - thought he was close to MoM, but agree that Bentley was the better. Also thought Pennock was a very calming influence and looks like a very very good signing.


Finally, would anyone else agree that Ben White was a weak link for almost the entire game ?



[color:"red"] [/color]

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i agree totally,he walked around(literally,barely saw him run) and had very few touches,the one time when i saw him make an effort he did a VERY good tackle. He didnt seem to show any commitment to the team and imo wasn't trying.i hear that he is playing at gravesend to put himself "in the shop window" but with performanes like that he wont go anywhere.

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Isn't it just typical...on Tuesday Margate were p*ss poor got one soft goal and one fluke from there only two attacks and left with three points.

Today Stevenage were twice the team Margate were, had three times as many supporters, scored a cracking good goal and we got a soft goal to take all three points.

There is no justice in football.

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Players dont always perform at their best - today White was poor, but lets not forget Tuesday night, when he was justifiably our MOM, having looked composed on the ball and a quality player. Not sure why there was such a difference i his performance, but lets face it, the overall performance today didnt match the Margate game, with the honourable exception of one or two players.



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