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herts blue

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Message from Billericay, for those who are interested:


On the official Billericay Town Clubcall today (and Tuesday), we interview manager Gary Calder to look forward to the midweek game against St Albans, with the latest on injuries and team news. The interview can be heard by

telephoning 09066 555 949 - calls cost 60p per minute.

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Hi Rob.


It was discussed at The Fans Forum as all true Saints fans would know as they would have been there.




If you know that chap who gets £50,000 a year to take the team sheet from Cookie to the referee one hour before kick-off, you might suggest to him that he should mention to the rotund one that it's St. Albans CITY.


And no. I won't be sponsoring Billericay to the tune of 60p per minute.

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I couldn't make it for the same reason I can't make tomorrow night, but that's not important right now. What was the outcome, is that chap from the local paper going to do it again?


Two (yes, TWO) Hitchin match reports are now online, the second by a certain Gary Calder (spying mission?) for the Pyramid Football lot.


Here's a link

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Hi Rob.


At the Fans Forum, JG said that he had been approached by that chap who writes the match reports for The Observer who volunteered to resume The Saintsline. Gibbo wondered whether the line is appropriate as 'News' is dispensed through the web-site [he doesn't come on here very often, clearly] and he invited comment.


The views from the room were that, firstly The Saintsline is very different from the site and secondly that it makes money for The Club, so give it a go.


The Chairman is to give it consideration.



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