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The BTSA needs your help on Match Days.


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Back in July 2002 the BTSA Committee for this season was voted in.

Unfortunately we were unable to fill several key roles those of Town Shop Manager, Secretary and Events Manager it was hoped that during the season these roles would of been filled by supporters willing to become more involved in their Football Club.

Regrettable this has not been the case and has put a lot more responsibilities on to the other 4 members of the Committee including myself.

I would like to take this opportunity as I did in my programme notes against St Albans to thank my Committee members for all the great work they have done this season whilst also undertaking there own job roles and home life commitments.

In addition I would like to thank the matchday helpers who have supported us on Match Days in the Shop and selling 50/50 tickets.

But we need more our plan was to run several Social Events but with the limited resources these have not been fortcoming which is disappointing. The one event we did have planned for last November was I must state postponed and not cancelled to enable us to fulfill a League fixture.

This is were you can help your club on matchdays by working for the BTSA we are only ask for an hour of your time before kick off and to help at half time. If you enjoy the buzz of what you do then why not consider joining the Committee for the 2004 season the more people on board the more ideas and plans we can work to.

For more details or to put your name down to help on matchdays please contact Andy on 631476.

Andrew Turner

BTSA Chairman


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