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Elephant in his trunks...

Burnham Lad

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A man went to a urologist and told him that he was having a problem; he was unable to get his penis erect. The doctor told him that the muscles around the base of his penis were damaged from a previous viral infection and that there was nothing he could actually do for him. However, he knew of an

experimental treatment that might work if he was willing to take the risk.


The treatment consisted of implanting muscle tissue from an elephants trunkinto the man's penis. The man thought about it for a while. the thought of going through life without ever experiencing sex again was just too much to bear. So, with the assurance that there would be no cruelty to the elephant

the man decided to go for it. A few weeks after the operation he was given the green light to go try out his newly renovated equipment. As a result he planned a romantic evening with his girlfriend and took her to one of the best restaurants in town.

However, in the middle of the meal he felt a stirring between his legs that continued to the point of being extremely painful. To release the pressure he unzipped his fly and his penis immediately sprang out, slid across the top of the table, grabbed a bread roll and then returned to his trousers.

His girlfriend was stunned at first, but then with a sly smile on her face said, "that was incredible! Can you do it again?"


With his eyes watering, he replied, "I think I can, but I' m not sure if I can fit another bread roll up my [****!!****]..."

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