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Well, could not bear to come on here since tuesday....


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Agree with your sentiments, but would also like to add that i'm amused at Deaners reaction to the article in the Times, does he not see thats how the vast majority of ex-STFC fans see him? He has part funded the the club? ask the people he still owes money to? He has taken us to new depths He has no rapport with local press, radio, and fans His business methods and negotiations leave a lot to desire? And last but not least his choice of coach's/management are truly ridiculous <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

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but it is encouraging to see a few more fans saying that Browne's time has passed.


I cannot bear to watch our club die in this undignified way. We are playing in a truly dreadful league. When we got beat by Wealdstone they barely had a chance, yet scored three times. True, when we played Northwood they were very classy, but everyone is so inconsistent.


I know the inconsistency can be attributed to part time players, but in our case the main reason for our inadequacy is piss poor management.


I thought the key difference between ourselves and Northwood that day could be seen by the passion shown on the bench. Their boss jumped up for every foul, celebrated every goal and was constantly talking to his team.


Our guy just sits there.


Tuesday night, I think we all noticed it was windy. Except our players and management. Sure the players must take some blame. But how much does it take for the manager to say "Look lads, let's try and keep it on the deck."


And it was truly shocking to see Browne criticise Sammy so unjustifiably in the local press.


It is vital that we finally show some fan unity. In recent times the number who sing and shout at games has dwindled. That is fair enough, we are crap, why should we get excited. But now we must all finally acknowledge that Browne must go. I am repeatedly told he will not be sacked. Okay. Let's make him resign. Sure he is thick skinned, but who could put up with constant calls for your resignation regardless of results. The man has had long enough. From Tuesday, we should act as one, we should get Browne out. Who knows the clib may not exist next season, we should try and get a manager we can at least support in the final days.



That last paragraph was not meant as anti-Deaner, I am still (surprisingly) confident he will secure an extended lease, but whilst there is still no confirmation it is best to be negative.


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Deaner has given us 5 years of football that no one else was gonna give us,without him slough would of died a long time ago,he might not be the best chairman ever but as i said without him this club is gone!

You cannot say for fact that Slough would have closed for sure 5 years ago without Deaner.
And as for giving us 5 years of football?????
5 years of mostly mediocre kick and run maybe apart from little lights like when Neville Roache was here
5 years of slipping down leagues definitely
5 years of poor management decisions definitely
5 years of pr tripe mostly (see next)
5 years of "two weeks" "wheres me wages" "I'm going to PFA/FA" "club for sale -2 quid"
5 years of dwindling, arguing fan base

But lets say your right and 5 years ago the club had"shut down" at a time when the name and spirit was riding high and at least the fans and players were serving with honour.
And lets say the outrage at the time had been used positively to quick reforming of a new clean STFC led by commited supporters and good players whod have played for virtually nothing and together put pressure on councils.
Okay we could have started again in a crap league five years ago, ground sharing perhaps , but probably with some time at the Park, but with players capable of getting us up and united fan base willing to help fund. All fueled by the feeling of being shafted, It might not have been too crap a leage if ownership of club title had passed thru council to a supporters trust anyway , because we still had handful of good registered players on books and they could have tapped up more. Perhaps Rymans 2ish.
5 years on from that, where might we be. Well no worse than now surely?
And yeah, I know none of that happened so will save you the time of saying "its pointless".
But then a lot of what happens now is pointless and far more bloody annoying.
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Where have you been for last few years, before the Thornes we were run by a committee who left us with, I think it was £300,000 in dept. And as for 666 this maggot comes out of the woodwork shouts and crawls back in whenever we have a bad result.

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Hey Rog me old mucker he may be a maggott! but one thing is for certain he wont go away until certain things are put right at STFC...................Why do u accept second best Rog? bet u drive a 15 year old Fiesta, live in a council flat, where a anorak, why dont u f--k off and support Burnham

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Hey Rog hows the reliant robin going? U r a sad man, I bet u believe in Santa Claus? Hey? Did u believe Merryweather when he said that these players being shed were to make way for new signings for the promotion push? or maybe you thought that Deaners run outa money again and you gotta nailbitting finish to the season wondering wether u got a football club next season, I know which one i believe!!!!!!

Second best is not acceptable u sad F---r

Keep taking the pills you will be OK in the end

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