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how many teams get promoted from hornchurch's league?


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2 teams go up, hopefully we will as champions. Yes, of course Jonah still has a tan, he's had a bronzed complexion since he first arrived at West Ham! And I personally believe Jonah could still do a job in the football league. He certainly doesn't lack passion, he is forever gobbing off at the officials and other players and still loves scoring. What a player!!!

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your right mate i was average when i played my first 14 games(also 15 and a half stone), but last year was very unlucky for me with the bad injury after doing well and being TOP of the table when my injury occurred at home to the quadrophenia mob but the songs were funny i was laughing the whole of the second half Vs chesterfield cheers mate HOPE WE BOTH GO UP 3 point tonight nice!! jonah

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about time I came in ere

Robbins man, Jonah is magic, hes transformed our little ol club, not singlehanded, but hes got hes 18 or so goals,

and I've seen all of them!

Hes led the line , bought in new players, done his bit behind the scenes

and on top of all that hes a nice fella

I know I've put me head on the block ere but I know the bloke and I've got nothing but praise

Well done Steve

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