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possible way to protest


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The simple thing to do would be to get a large group of people together to contribute to a bank account which could eventually be used alongside a new owners money with a rep on the board to represent the fans as the fans would also be more involved in bankrolling the club.

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I don't think boycotting games is the answer. There's people, me included, who love watching Slough despite of everything. There's also people who haven't missed a game for heaven knows how long and you can't expect them to do so. Besides, boycotting games would deprive the club of much needed revenue.


I think it's clear though that a lot of people would come back if there was a manager in charge who was more in touch with the supporters and the team performed to the level it should be. Yes we are fifth but I believe that's despite of the manager not because. The attendance at the Harrogate Railway game showed the potential fan base that exists without trying too hard.


Gary's idea then is a good one as if a fund was started it could be held until such times that the supporters contributing to it were happy to release it to the Club, i.e. probably once Steve Browne was gone. This might hasten the departure as the Club would want the money but also demonstrate to potential backers that the supporters are willing to put money into and support this Club in the right circumstances. Not that I think this has ever been in doubt.


All of this is of course discounting people's views of Mr Deaner.

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Well some of us like me have been boycotting over Deaner AND Browne since before relegation and I have even bumped into people boycotting since Roberts or just over Deaner himself at everywhere from Brentford to Eton Wick. Some not me have even sloped off to Wycsum or Reading. One way or another theres been a boycott going on for 4 years!

Obviously only a mass boycott would maybe have made a difference, they dont react to even a few hundred legging it totally or become occasional faces.

So Browne has now taken a leaf out of the Roberts Book on How To Deal With Fans.

And even Chris Sliski states publically that it's time to go.

What a mess - wheres Louise when you need her. Louise for manager thats what I vote.


Gary have you told the local rags about this.

Good luck to all true STFC fans





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The thing to remember is that when this shower has gone you people who have done a lot for the club will still be STFC fans. perhaps then a new start willgive you the chancew to buiild the fans back.

And before this Chris Sliski was right to raise Farnborough business .. so many clubs victims of bad management and big egos.

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I know Martin Deaner is off sorting out longer term issues like ground leases and the like but does anyone know his view of Steve Browne?


If he would like to change the situation but feels he can't due to financial constraints, it's been said enough times on here that people would contribute. Who is close enough to know?

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