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A couple of points


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Firstly just read the match report and it looks like with the release of the five players last week, we didn`t have enough players to fill the bench with substitutes.

Plus what has happened to the Slough Town fanzine a place for real Slough fans to say what they wanted in an un-official capacity, can`t we resurrect it for one big anti Browne edition, either Plinth and Wayne with Banning with Manning or the young guy with (i think) Talk of the town.

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Due to this sudden surge of interest for a special BROWNE OUT edition of the fanzine I worked out some quality articles. However, there were some stats that were possibles for going in which I think I will instead broadcast now.


Steve Browne's overall record since becoming manager (in all competitions)


Played 179

Won 73

Lost 71

Drew 35

Goals scored 278

Goals against 253

Goal difference 25

Total points taken 254

Points available 537

Percentage points won 48%


When referring to points, cup matches are classed in the same way as league so a cup win translates to 3 points, etc.

All stats are found either from old programmes or the past years section on the website.


There have been exactly 100 players used under Browne's management.


Tony McNally and Deji Davies became numbers 99 and 100 when they both made their debuts in the home match against Berkhamsted. Thats 100 players used in 179 matches.


In the F.A.Trophy since he took over we have only won two matches and one of them was a preliminary match this season against Wembley.


In the F.A.Cup (obviously prior to this season) we hadn't won one match under his management twice going out to lower league opposition and eventually the same again this season. (In the 99-00 season we were knocked out in the 4th qualifying round a week before he was appointed manager).


BROWNE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would be interested to see how previous managers compare with Browne.


It would be quite fair to compare 'percentage of available points won', goal difference, and ratio of results

(Browne is approximately 2:1:2 - 2 wins : 1 draw : 2 losses), as these all compensate for differing lengths of time as manager.



This would undoubtedly show Browne's true quality! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />



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Stats for Roberts


Played 59

Won 24

Drew 15

Lost 20

Goals For 85

Goals Against 69

Goal Difference 16

87 points out of possible 177

Percentage points won 49%


Before Roberts brought in (Paul Hardyman) :


Played 16

Won 7

Drew 5

Lost 4

Goals For 24

Goals Against 23

Goal Difference 1

26 points out of possible 48

Percentage points won 54%


Obviously should be taken into context as much fewer games played. If anyone knows the exact dates of Brian McDermott's stay then I will have a go at his stats.

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These stats are already beginning to show Browne up badly. Although Hardyman and Roberts have records that are not hugely better in terms of overall percentage, let's not forget that Mr Browne has achieved this lower percentage managing a team that keeps slipping in terms of the level of the league played in. What are Browne's statistics for games in the Ryman Premier League? I think these could be very poor indeed!

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Also Hardyman had a makeshift team he hardly knew & was not his choice & with little training. But he and the players, even those not quite up to it had 110%% backing of fans. Anyone remember the day they took the p*** of Chesham, Roberts in charge there and Grobellaar in goal at the Park.

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You've got me working now!


Browne's Ryman Premier League record


Played 72

Won 22

Drew 14

Lost 36

Goals For 84

Goals Against 109

Goal Difference -25

80 points out of a possible 216

Percantage of points won ................... a massive 37%!


I do remember that Chesham game. If my memory is correct Mark Fiore made it 3-1 pretty near the end by lobbing Grobbelaar from about 30 yards. I bet that had never happened to him before! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

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I don't think it is fair to compare the stats of anyone previous to Deaner's regime and things have obviously been run a lot different sine he took over.


At least Roberts team showed some sort of skill levels. Browne just appears inept, and obviously doesn't care for the club.

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Roberts was similar....you don't know the half of it !


Still wants more money.....


See what happens to Carshalton...... mark my words


No money and he will move on...



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Ditto the above for Roberts time at Chesham. It may have caused a stir with the fans at The Meadow when he left but I can tell you that there was no-one on the football side of the club who was anything but delighted when the two faced, back stabbing, lying, cheating, scheming, arrogant, thieving [allegedly!!] git defect to Wexham Park! (And it was a double delight to beat him when he made his return with the Rebels in the infamous "which Slough player can kick Youness Nabil the hardest, furthest and most" fixture. Some of you may recall that Brian Hammett was awarded a red card as the winner of that event) <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

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Yeah Scouter, spot on, Hammett was going round the pitch like a dimented boxing kangaroos until Hardyman got him in a bear hug and just about carried him off the pitch. What times they woz!

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