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Today's Results


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Berkhamstead 1-4 Marlow

East Thurrock 2-3 Northwood

Great Wakering 4-3 Barking & EHU

Harlow 2-0 Yeading

Hornchurch 0-1 Aveley

Oxford C 2-3 Wingate & F

Slough Town 3-0 Arlesey Town

Thame United 1-0 Barton Rovers

Uxbridge 3-2 Leyton Pennant

Wealdstone 4-1 Tilbury

Wembley 3-1 Hertford Town

Wivenhoe 0-2 Hemel Hempstead

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It should look something like this:


1 Northwood (31) 64pts

2 Hornchurch (29) 54pts

= Wealdstone(27) 54pts

4 Hemel H (29) 53pts

5 SLOUGH (29) 52pts

= Harlow (30) 52pts

7 Yeading (30) 48pts

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up the rebels come on steve brown keep the consistency going though out the team all those supporters who won't you out are the same people who pleaded for you to take over the post from graham roberts the spine of the team is there with blake daly barrowcliff winston and boot go get us promotion now.

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Is this a very poor attempt by Steve Browne himself at trying to drum up support?! At first, with punctuation that poor, I thought it might be one of the PRH lot but I guess they'll be keeping a low profile tonight <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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we dont need to keep a low profile mate...we are still well ahead of you in both points and games to be played...by the way... the only person allowed to take the p*ss out of us about the PRH is the rabbit...we can't stand hangers on...where have you been for the past few weeks anyway ...whilst the ol' rebels have been sad....out of the woodwork now like a beetle....or a woodworm...ha ha ha...we dunt cry mate when we lose...wees all deserved wot we got today...we wus [****!!****]...but thats why wees'll all win the league...ha ha ha ...cos we dunt kid ourselves do we...ha ha ha...marsden for england... wees unstoppable....enjoy tonite fatboys...we'll be back.....


ps...up yours an' all bfr.....

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Where have I been? I've been here all the time but have a policy of not reading any post that is both un-punctuated and unintelligible. Fortunately for me, that acts as a good filter for any post from Hornchurch. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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You are still well ahead of us on points (yes two points is a huge gap) and games to be played (yes we've played the same amount). I'm glad to know the Hornchurch intelligence is still working to it's normal degree.

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consistancy now Slough....just do your job....pick up those away points and let the other worry about us, just nice to see

we are making a go at it.....lots of points to be won and lost...by all teams at the top.....


Keep you nerve Slough Players...and just maybe we can pull it off......together......


But beat Bloody Maidenhead on Tuesday night.....do it for you supporters....


cheers Chris UP THE REBELS !!!!! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />

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If we are able to take our home form into the away games there's no reason why we cannot do it. On the one hand, not having to play Northwood, Wealdstone or Hornchurch is good but it also means our destiny is partly in the hands of others.


There's still plenty of games left for us to catch up though providing the players believe it themselves. If we beat Maidenhead then that will do the confidence no harm at all.


COME ON YOU REBELS <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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well you must have read the last one that i posted then or else you wuldn't have replied.....eeeerrr.....deeerrrrr....oh yeah....now repeat after me....Ian is a dummy...do it 50 times and then you'll be okay...just about...he he he....


good results fatboys....keep it up...dont forget...you're second at the end of the season in our massive non-league accumulater..if we win we'll be able to buy a new team....ha ha ha....arsenal perhaps....ha ha ha...

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I'm with Budman here, it would be great to beat Maidenhead and i'm sure it will be a good atmosphere at York Road, but I am a little worried that players may get injured as it is a local derby and we don't have a lot of strength in depth at the moment.


Lets also hope Marlow do us a favour at beat Wealdstone on Tuesday night!



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