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Matt H

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Feedback -


The writing shows evidence of organisation, clarity and imagination. The main features of repored writing are used appropriately and are beginning to be adapted for the intended reader. The sequences of sentences extend ideas logically and the basic grammatical structure of the sentences is usually correct.


Words were chosen to bring the piece variety and to maintain the interest of the reader; punctuation was usually correct, as was spelling of both monosyllabic and polysyllabic words.


In conclusion, I'm one jealous b'tard, looking closely over my shoulder. I'll get on now and bring the statisics and tables pages up to date. You see, I do have my uses.

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Matt, as you're good at this kind of thing, have you ever explored the possibilities of becoming an author. I've come up with this great title, it's called 'Splitter Wars.' It's about a promising young footballer (Adam Miller) who excels himself in the good side of football. However, he is soon lured by his illigitimate father, [****!!****] Invader, who makes him play for his team. The irony is, Invader (who happens to be bald) used to play for the good side, but also turned to the dark side as he had too much anger. In the end, Miller has his hand chopped of by Invader and spends most of his time with a big hairy monster, or Mrs. Miller as she is refered to by then. He eventually tries to come back to the good side, where he is greeted by the brave and noble Yellow Army singing 'YOU'RE [censored] AAHHHHHHHHHH!'


What due you reckon?

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Well that will be No.1 on the UK Bestsellers list I'm sure, it'll topple Potter of his podium, (Harry not Danny that is)! I'll offer to make the film too!!!


Matt CIFC <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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