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How many players v squad numbers v boredom

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A combination of being very bored, wondering how many players City have used this season (and who have come and gone) and realising that if we actually did get into the conference next season we'd have squad numbers, I have combined all three to work out what the squad numbers would of been this season had we had them, based on what the starting 11 would of been in the managers minds at the start of the season and without replacing any numbers


1. Richard Wilmot

2. Rob Gould

3. Dominic Naylor

4. Corey Campbell

5. Dereck Brown

6. Jon Challinor

7. Scott Oakes

8. Steve Castle

9. Simon Martin

10. Gary Crawshaw

11. Rob Smith

12. Ryan Moran

13. Duncan Roberts

14. Migeal De Souza

15. Rob Kean

16. Beckett Hollenbech

17. Gary Sippetts

18. Richard Evans

19. Leon Townley

20. Hamid Barr

21. Craig Mackial-Smith

22. Stafford Browne

23. Lee Gledhill

24. Greg Deacon

25. Jude Stirling

26. Kevin Slinn

27. Tom Young

28. Dean Standon

29. Andy Lodge

30. Freddie Hyatt


Now I don't now about you but them first 20 players are good enough to win this league. Why we saw fit to ditch a quarter of them i'll never know! Far too many players this season have been ditched after 1 bad game and we have lost most of that team which started the season so well. Only 4 players who started that 1st game started yesterday. 30 players have been used and that's too many, with the exception of Smith's injury and Castle's bizarre move that squad could all be still together. I think Lodge and Gledhill have been good additions but the jury's definatly out on the rest.


Good job we didn't get them 16 Hollenbach shirts

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Happy to report that Beckett seems to be playing well at Harlow. Certainly glad to play 90 minute football.


But what about me! Trying to find an interesting comment on the Harlow website is like trying to find a brain cell in the White House.


I'm keeping my eye on you, Saints.

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