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Charlie is Jamaican

Stu M

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From the Alty board:


***one of the commentators is doing my head in with his London/Jamaican accent!



And one bloke was so incensed he had to make his point twice...


Alty Dave:

They dived at every opportunity and I hope they get to the play offs and get stuffed by someone else



Then 11 mins later:

Alty Dave

They were dirty and dived at every opportunity, personally I hope they do not get to the playoffs.



Come on mate, you either do want us in the play-offs or you don't, you numpty....

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Additional Comments taken from their board :-


"That No 7 was a cheat and they are spoiling football, I hope they achieve nothing this season.


There No 8 was telling us to shut up!!


Totally ignorant and sh*te with it, if we had had a few days rest we woud have done them today".



"Have to disagree with you there Dave.Gravesend were one of the best teams I've seen at Moss Lane this season.Only their diving antics spoils a good side.As the cliche goes,they 'did a job' on us.Very organised at the back,pacey upfront.I don't know how you please the town of Gravesend (& Northfleet).A traditional non-league side is challenging for a place in the football league,and only 50 travel up"



"It is a pity that they dived though!


Due to our tiredness I think we made them look better than they were"



Alty Dave certainly has a fixation!! We've been saying the same as Nasha most of the season with regards to crowd levels, albeit home attendances.

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