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Next weeks game at Bromley

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Right, look forward instead of back. Yesterday was disappointing, but still all to play for.


This could be the biggest game for the club for a couple of years. Heres how i see the potential outcomes:


Win - Obviously the ideal result, would put us on 77 points, guaranteeing a play off spot. Would also mean that avoiding defeat at home to Leyton the following week would be enough to secure at least 2nd spot and 1 or 2 home play off games.


Draw - As Bromley spanked Slough yesterday this would keep us behind them and we would be relying on at least 1 other team to drop points on the last day of the season


Lose - Disaster. Puts us out of range of Bromley, meaning the title is gone barring freakish results. Also leaves Chelmsford free to overtake us by beating Slough, meaning we would be 3rd or probably 4th going into the last day, looking at an away play off game. Of course all this is dependent on what Hampton do with their extra games.


Its such a tight league, the variance in outcomes for just 1 game are huge. The ideal situation is we are top going into the last day, controlling our own fate, but something tells me that is unlikely. Methinks were going to be listening desperately for updates from other games, and getting the calculator out to work out where well finish!

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Losing at Bromley would not be a disaster. We would still be able to be certain of a play-off place with a win against Leyton - a scenario that most people would have been more than happy with at the start of the season.


I think we need to wait and see what the outcome of the Hampton/Harrow game is first because that may have a major impact on the way that we approach the Bromley game.



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