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MOTM vs Ashford Town (MX)


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Margateman, You have also done a grand job this season.Thanks.

Just one more thing could you put a link to the FULL results for all home games season. I'm sure you have them all saved, save us looking back over old posts. Cheers.

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I seem to be having some trouble with this vote. I voted on Sunday and there was no indication that my vote had been refused but on checking today I noticed that my vote had not been included (the person for whom I voted had no votes registered) so I tried again. I am now told that I have already voted.


Any ideas please?

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Yes, I understand that there was a problem with this before so I imagine that this still occurs. What confused me was that on previous occasions it did tell me straight away that I had already voted (or something like that) but on this occasion it didn't, just seemed to accept the vote, not register it and then when I tried again told me that I had voted.


Thanks for the response Chris 1

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The trouble is, AOL uses a limited number of IP addresses, so if someone on AOL has already voted there's a fair chance yours won't be accepted.


The way round it is to open the program 'Internet Explorer' (there might be a shortcut on your desktop or start menu - if not, have a look in 'all programs' depending on what version of windows you have).


First highlight the address of this page and press Ctrl+C to copy it to the clipboard. When you are in Internet Explorer highlight the address bar, press Ctrl+V to paste the address. Then press enter and you should go straight to this page.


You will now be voting as yourself, not AOL, so your vote should be accepted.


Please excuse if you are a techie and knew this already! It is not always easy to spot the 'you have already voted' message. IM me if any probs, as I am an AOL user and quite familiar with its little quirks!


PS. this applies to all internet polls. However AOL does 'hide' your IP from hackers and mods so it's not all bad.

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