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Raising the number of memberships this season.


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I think a walk around the ground with the clipboard and asking supporters to join will raise the numbers. It will also catch the people that don't go into the bar and yes I am volenteering to do it if need be.


Also a table out side the Slough club shop on one of our home games with a sign on it may grab some of the plain clothed windsor supporters we do not know.


Just a couple of suggestions.

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that's what was done last year Humpty...sadly most the ones we don't know (even if it's just on "hello terms" didn't seem to care that much. Most people won't take advantage of the benifts it offers anyway. How many of the 'main stand' go away? Or even down both sides? Not many. Most of the away people are behind the goal people sadly. (Of course you're an exception to that rule!)


Any of you siders reading this...even if it's only staines or a side like Hampton...come and join us! It's alot of fun the away lark!

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I think it's a bit harsh to say that the majority of the 'main stand' don't travel.


If you lok at who sits in there it is apart from away supporters I would say that 75 % of them travel as they are Directors, officials and players families.

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Humpty - I think that's a great idea about the table outside the turnstiles will put this forward at the next meeting. Would be great to give the supporters club a visible presence first game of the season.


Woody - at the beginning of last season was harder to get people to sign up as we hadn't had a supporters club for a couple of years, but now people will see whats been achieved this year, I think it will be a lot easier for people to want to 'join the party'.



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