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Who Will Go


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Who is likely to stay for next season and who will leave?


We have the nucleus of a good team, mostly from the last Conf South season, but I'm some will want to play Conf National football next season and some will have caught the eye of other clubs.


Is Sangere on loan?

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The nine players under contract for next season are: Bastock, Seeby, Elphick, Davis, Marwa, Hann, Watters, Archer and Clark. Of those, Bastock, Watters, Archer, Clarke and, possibly Hann - I can't remember - are contracted for 2008/9, and Lee has another year after that.


I can't be bothered repeating Gibbo's comments from the matchday programme two weeks ago and the Herts Advertiser last week.

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I stopped buying the programme earlier in the season when I realised I can read about Reading FC on their website!


Martin and Cousins aren't in that list, supposedly, as they were suffering longterm injuries when the contracts were dished out.

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I am not in the best of humour right now - having a bad day - and I'll apologise in advance for what may appear to having a strong pop at you, but it's the principle of the thing, and it's more a matter of principle regarding these boards than you personally....


So Scott Cousins was injured badly in January 2006 while playing for The Mighty Saints. He wasn't under contract. Colin was quoted that week along the lines of "As far as I am concerened, we will continue to pay Scott Cousins as long as I am Manager." Did we? From that day to this? Since January 2006? At the same rate as he was paid before the injury? Are we insured for this kind of stuff?


And suppose he doesn't 'make it' back to his ability level before the injury, what then?


Ditto all the above regarding Ben Martin.


Now. None of these answers are any of our business, I suppose. It's between the player and the club. But one of the reasons that I avoid making comments along the lines of yours is that we don't know what has actually happened between the player and the club. We like to think that Gibbo 'did the right thing' [and I believe that he did, by the way], but we don't know the detail.


And anyway. We can offer contracts to whoever will listen presumably. We've got nine of 'em under contract already. And if we don't get them to sign contracts they can go - Damain Batt. And even if we do and they want away, they can still go - Paul Hakim.


It's not as easy as we would think running a football club.

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I don't feel your having a pop at me as you put it !


I was just wondering if they would stay loyal after being payed (Which I believe they have been) and I would like to think that they both will.


As they (Whoever they are) say only time will tell, some time in July I would imagine.

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