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Another word quiz

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Lets see how many words you can come up with which are plurals for which there is no singular version. I'll give you an example because I haven't explained that very well - clothes (you can't have a clothe)

On a completely unrelated subject, has anyone heard anything from Zeal? whenever I ask him why he isn't on the board anymore he just changes the subject confused.gif


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If you need to add the phrase 'a pair of' before the word in order to grant singular status to the item, you will be ok - e.g. trousers, but not tickets, pears, muppets etc. etc.

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err...I think you'd be better off asking my mum about that! Unless I gave birth without noticing...

I thought a stork was....Oh Lord...I think I'm slowly beginning to realise what you sick, twisted, messed up people are talking about.

Excuse me a minute, I think I'm going to be............
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