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We Are Moving House

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We are moving house. At some point over the next 72 hours, I hope to move the forums to a new server.


This will mean that for a short while the forums, will be down - I do not envisage too many problems, but you may find some links will give errors etc. When we come back up, you will need to log back in.


Please - if you spot any errors, when we come back up, post them in this thread, so that I can squash them all. The majority of them, will probably be linked to paths of various files. But your assistance will benefit everyone.


You will also find for a while, that the only domain name working will be http://www.nonleague.net - as the server is changing there is the chance that some of you may see one site, and others see the new one - this is due to the speed of updates made by your ISP, and is out of our control.


I cannot give you an exact time of transfer, but I hope to keep downtime to a minimum.


This is the first part of a re-jig here - I aim to keep all links working throughout, but the end result should be a much faster site. smile.gif


Any questions, please ask.....



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No smile.gif


Fully backed up smile.gif


I will also be doing a dry run - in fact the database will still be on the old server, so if it all went pearshaped - then I just repoint the DNS and 30 seconds later the old site will reappear.



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The main database for just the posts is now around 50mb in size - but early tests on the new server, are showing that the pages are being displayed a lot faster.


This page for example is displaying in 0.226 seconds on the old server and the same page, with the same posts on it, is taking 0.033 seconds - I realise that there are other factors involved like images at the top of the page that are not taken into account in either of these figures - but we should still see a good improvement - but like most things time will tell.


I am however looking at a 2-3 hour down time to restore the database - but I will probably do this late at night to assist most people.

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