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Her Maj is coming to St. Albans!

Chubbhead EFM

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Don't know if anyone else has heard about this but it says in the Advertiser that HRH is visiting the Abbey on 14th March. It'll be her first visit since 1982 and will be during 'late morning' and will last 45 minutes.Anyone gonna go down there and shake hands with ma'am!? I personally shall be in the pub, celebrating my Irish heritage,

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1. You're talking rubbish.


2. No, she didn't. Some light-weight who can't handle his drink did it for her.


GHA, you're English.


Don't be like all those other tossers that for one day only, play on their fifth-generation Irishness and go around wearing big hats in the shape of a pint of Guinness.


You weren't so Irish last year in the pub when England played Argentina, were you??



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1. Am I?


2. You mean to say Tony Lazarou rid England of snakes?


Zeal, I'm proudly half Irish. I don't claim to be half Irish only on St. Patrick's Day. I haven't got a big hat in the shape of a pint of Guinness, but I wouldn't mind one.


I wasn't so English when Ireland played Germany either.

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