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Poker anyone?

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This snapshot-thing is kinda funny (?)


Tried to sign up at snapshotpoker.com, since all my winnings at pokerstars usually is lost when gf says its her turn to play some tables. Here's a copypaste of the coversation with their live support:


Tina: Hello 1219735, my name is Tina, How may i help you?


1219735: Hi, I am about to sign up, but where do i state what non-league club I support?


Tina: Please bear with me whilst I check your account details


1219735: I'm regular at pokerstars, but the Chairman of my club convinced me to go here..


Tina: We only do Poker Support

Tina: Can you please specify ypur query?


1219735: ok, you have a non league support profile, I understood that signing up at your site, would gain my non league football club, as I can see at their site, their affiliate number is 121058. I cannot see that this has been asked in my signup. Therefore I had not made my first deposit yet. How do I secure that I support my team by signing up?


Tina: You have to contact your Sportsbook

Tina: This is the Poker Support


1219735: ok, should I fold QJ suited in the first hand when the player to my right goes all in?


Tina: Do you have a query about the Poker Software?


1219735: No, sorry


Tina: Is there anything else I can do for you?


1219735: No, thank You for Your kind support. Have a nice evening!



So, my eternal apology for my lack of knowledge of the english language, but how do I put $100 into that site, supporting Billericay at the same time? Is it a non-league cut shared for any signup? I would probably do better with a donation based on my rare occational winnings then..




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Never mind.. Przemyslaw Odrozek from Gibraltar (sic!) explained it by mail.. Just won $10.. There should be a donation button someplace? Like when you clear a table and win some $, you could donate parts or all of the winnings to the club.. just a suggestion..

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