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Just to add to our good news today.........


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What is the betting that the Council "necessary" site meeting will find some other reason for a delay.


My guess would be the site has to be checked for iron age/saxon/roman burial grounds and the club will have to pay for the privilage.


At £50 attendance money for these meetings plus expenses the coucillors who show up will surely try and get their moneys worth (or should that read local ratepayers moneys worth)

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Im a very positive person andy when there is something to be positive about. Unless you know something us supporters don't.


It's very hard to be positive when all your feed is utter [****!!****] week in week out year after year. But you lot asked for more information and you got what you deserve a Management feeding you tripe to keep you happy.


As for me I'm positive Margate will still be in the Rymans 2008/09 season



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I think we are totally doomed.

We have I am told a useless management team. The club never gives us any information. The council is against us. We do not promote our most fabulous young ressies to the first team and feature them in every game. Our best striker is thinking of leaving us. The development of the facilities is late. Most of the supporters are negative, and hardly seem to enjoy anything.

Can anyone seriously tell me why anyone would want to support such a cr*p outfit? God, following Margate is SOOOO DEPRESSING.

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Utter rubbish. It is because we expect too much, we have a totally unrealistic appreciation of where we sit in the grander scheme of the football pyramid, and we prefer to moan and gripe.


We do not even come close to even a facsmilile of what it is to support a team.

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Originally Posted By: The Pagester
I am holding a 'how to be postive' class

So far I have enrolled


Any one else interested wink

Cheeky b^stard Pagester-I'm a very positive person. I'm positive Watford will p!ss on every team the Championship and win it by a mile and that Margate will settle in mid table obscurity.
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if being positive is just agreeing with everything and everyone good luck to you cos then nothing will ever change for the better.as for our wonderful reserves when they are good enough they will get their chance thats what being reserves is all about or dont you know the meaning of the word

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O.k. then try this one.

I went to Franks nightclub (didn't really not that desperate but it's for the sake of the joke) and the bouncers wouldn't let me in without a tie so I went back to my car and tied some jump leads round my collar. I went back to the bouncers and said "is this o.k?" He checked it out and replied "yeah, in you go......














...but don't start anything".

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