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u18s Final Game


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Away to Sheppey who were crowned league champions not losing a game this season. Home leg was close but on recent form Margate were going to struggle.

Sheppey made it clear from our arival that they were champions and milked every moment, 11 o/c and Margate waiting to kick off when out came Sheppey with an array of trophy`s and took team photo`s for five minutes. Although Sheppey were by far the better side hitting the woodwork twice and some outstanding saves from Matt Bowles Margate held on and made a couple of their own chances. Jamie McClean was cynically taken out in the box, a clear penalty but play was waved on. Stud marks down his leg to prove the point but this was Sheppey`s day. Restart and it was the Gate who looked the better side but could not find the net in the first ten minute. Sheppey came back and a defencive error on 20 gave Sheppey the chance they needed. 1-0 and it was all over, 2 more closly followed for 3-0. Margate came back but to no avail.

Sorry to say I found Sheppey ungracious, unsporting, foul mouthed prima donnas. The outsider would have said that the team in Blue were the league champions, Margate where a credit and waited in the rain at the end of the game for the presentation and got no thanks. Sorry but theres more to being champions than this.

Roll on next season.

Wishing all a great Summer.


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