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Imagine you had owned a gun since the age of, say, 13.


Is there any point in your life you think you may have possibly turned that gun on yourself? A lowest ebb when, had you been in possession of a firearm, you may have used it to commit suicide??


I have asked myself that question many times, and I don't know the answer.



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On the subject of death and all things morbid, my dad told me a scary story last night. It went a little something like this:


When my aunt was seven years old she caught menangitis and died.Before she died, she had been sitting with my gran(although obviously she wasn't my Gran yet!) in the living room in the seat opposite her. She turned to her and said 'When I die I won't be scared because the angels will take care of me'.


Cut forward a few decades to when I'm seven. I was sitting with my dad when I suddenly, out of nowhere, said the exact same thing my aunt had said all those years ago.My dad said it was really strange and he has no explanation for it other than it's just a wild coincidence.Anyone else ever had a similar experience??

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