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Burnham Lad

My Way - The Blair Band version

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And now the van is here,

There's only one thing that I'm


Cherie will swipe the lot,

Every light bulb and each curtain.

I haven't spent too much on


They've all been freebies.

My thanks to Little Cliff

And one of the Bee Gees.


Regrets, I've quite a few,

But non at all about my pension.

While some have lost the lot,

Mine is great, I'd like to mention.

Some say that they hate me

For selling gongs along the highway.

I pray that Scotland Yard

Will not come my way.


There were times, Iraq no doubt,

I thought that I would get found out.

But through it all, my friends stood


And kept their gobs shut one and all.

Then someone said:

Just use your head

And blame Lord Levy.


What is a man, what has he got?

Well in my case, it's quite a lot

And very soon in the USA,

Millions more will come my way.

And George Bush knows

I took the blows

And did it his way.



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