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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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EFM The Firm, The Voice

Rock'n'roll relay race part 1

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Bowie take the baton<p>longhair01.jpg<p>And hand's it to the King<p>epe_mp_elvis11.jpg<p>Who passes it to Beck<p>top_01.jpg<p>Who hands to on to Fatboy Slim<p>norman.gif<p>fatboy takes his corner with athletic, grace and poise and passes on the baton to the waiting beastie boys<p>welcome.jpg<p>The beasties take a flyer and the finish is in sight via Nicky Wire<p>manics1-160.jpg<p>Elton John<p>home-left.gif<p>And Barry White<p>story.barry.jpg<p>Cont............

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