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Refuse Bins...Bottle Banks & Garden Rubbish.....

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It all started off quite well four years ago when we moved into the house......two nice black refuse bins collected every friday...no problems........

There were of course several close encounters with the bin men....one particular Xmas we were away and forgot to leave the 'tip'....we came home to a drive full of plastic bags that had been dumped out of the bins and a note saying...''additional refuse not in bins will be left uncollected''.....that was sorted out on the next collection with a discreet £50 note.......such is the politics of 'binmen' it seems....

the first signs of the current crisis were evident last November...several notes were left taped to the bin vaguely hinting at future ''Environmental Changes'' which foolishly we took little notice of at the time.....sometime in December one of the bins disappeared leaving us with one and the collection date was changed to Monday...

We came home one Monday evening this year to find the entrance to the driveway gates completely blocked by three new bins...smack bang in the middle..... blocking any entry or exit...(they usually fit nicely to the side of the gates)....anyway...one was the original black one....one was a brand spanking new bright brown one....!!!! yes its true...and there was another much smaller green one that you could fit into the pocket of a large overcoat......

Much perplexed I investigated and found the by now normal set of instructons for future use taped to one of the bins....

We were to use the black one for normal household refuse....we were to use the small green one for bottles and we were to use the nice big shiny brown one for garden rubbish......

The black one was now to be collected once a fortnight....the brown one was to be collected each Monday and the bottles would be collected each Friday.......so...we now had three bins and five collections every fortnight instead of one a week......

The black one should have been collected yesterday but was not......we now have over two weeks household refuse at the end of our drive......

the bottles have long since been collected privately (which we pay for) if they hadn't been we would have some 200 of them in and around the house....you see the bottle collection department has never actually turned up yet....the green bin remains unused.....(we do enjoy the odd bottle of wine ...!!)

the brown bin men come on a regular basis to collect the garden refuse....they seem very keen and dilligent....trouble is there is never anything in it......we burn the garden refuse...always have done...always will do.....so does everyone else around our way.....

the beautiful headgrows around the country lanes are now full of green and black plastic bags....people are taking matters into their own hands it would seem...the foxes rip them open so you can imagine what its like.....

we received a notice the other day from the town hall....council taxes are to be raised to accomodate the increased costs of refuse collection ....(amongst other things)......

we are informed that these changes relate to the ''koyoto treaty'' signed by Peter Foster (aka 'Our Tone') last year...this treaty apparently deals with global warming and the need for environmental change.......well...

............Its certainly worked because the environment around my house has changed quite considerably....the hedgrows are all full of plastic rubbish bags....

couldn't make it all up culdya....... <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" />

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