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EFM turn to islam!

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5 replies to this topic

offline EFM The Firm, The Voice

EFM The Firm, The Voice
  • First XI Coach
  • Posts: 13,157
  • Joined: 3 Jan 2002
Just to let you all know that during the second half of last nights game with Billericay EFM did convert to islam.<p>We do obviouslt intend to become raving islamic fundamentalists (EFM put the mental in fundamentalist)<p>We have already issued a fatwa on Billericay's central defence and will soon be declaring Jihad on our Ryman leauge rivals (Jihad meaning to struggle in islamic, as in our last 7 games)<p>The fighter who fights a Jihad - a Mujahid - is believed to go straight to Paradise if he dies and his enemy will go straight to Hell.<p>Aldershot away it is then!!!!!!!!!!!<p>Praise to allah!<p><p>EFM Website (not in arabic yet)<p>[ 06 March 2002: This message was edited by: EFM The Firm, The Voice ]</p>

offline Laz

  • National Squad - 1st XI
  • rank
  • Posts: 8,069
  • Joined: 23 Jan 2002
EFM, I'm considering giving up being Greek and taking up Islam myself.

online Tom S

Tom S
  • Reserves Coach
  • Posts: 1,931
  • Joined: 3 Dec 2001
So, not content with winding up the Essex constabulary, you are now going for the anti-terrorist squad?<p>Rather you than me images/icons/smile.gif" border="0

offline Guest__*

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  • Joined: --
A few points regarding the EFM - Muslim thing...<p>1. I'm not 100% convinced that one can give up being Greek and becoming Islamic. Greek Orthodox church, maybe, but Islam is a religion rather than a nation - Tony Lazarou can quite easily be Greek and Muslim at the same time. As some probably should have said to Enfield fans a few years ago: "Beware Greeks bearing gifts (and promises of a new ground within the borough of Enfield").<p>2. Interesting point about the anti-terrorist squad. Given the police over-reaction at Canvey the other week, I wonder whether there'll be snipers waiting outside Meadow Park on Saturday afternoon...<p>3. I'm sure that mocking Allah (or similar) is already a crime punishable by death in many countries. Could EFM be on their way to being targetted by real Islamic fundamentalists and Western security forces at the same time? Surely that would be some sort of a first, although it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.<p>4. Question for Costello: how does Islamic fundamentalism sit with pleading allegiance to the Queen (particularly relevant to me, as I was threatened with expulsion from EFM for admitting to being a republican)?<p>5. As, ahem, Jesus is the king of the Jews, what theological issues are raised by his conversion? Methinks if he doesn't get stoned to death by Islamics, he should at least be crucified - come on... the club were looking for ideas for pre-match entertainment...<p>6. Being a true Islamic fundamentalist (though the word "fundamentalist" has nothing to do with declaring war on western infidels, or even those from a garrison town in Hampshire - the word is largely an invention of the western media) surely means no alcohol, no tobacco, no sex out of wedlock and no television. I know fully well that this "no sex" clause will have no effect whatsoever on at least 50% of EFM (certainly not in the forseeable future Sherwood & Thorns, at any rate), but... no booze? No fags??? I hereby repent and will return with a vengeance to the agnostic flock.<p>[ 07 March 2002: This message was edited by: trevor_england ]</p>

offline Rob_the_Saint

  • National Squad - 1st XI
  • Posts: 7,281
  • Joined: 19 Dec 2001
While we're on this Islam thing, has anyone else noticed Enfield is an anagram of Infidel? [well, almost].<p>Just a thought.

offline Guest__*

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  • Joined: --
or indeed Bin Fadhel, EFM's trusty centre-back.

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