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Yellow Bungle

Police Strike?

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If the Met Police go on strike do you think that the government will bus in hundreds of miners from up North and pay them excessive salaries to beat up these social miscreants in blue?


Wouldn't it be ironic, but I suppose there aren't many miners these days. Or carworkers, or steel workers, or independant shopkeepers, or shipbuilders, or dockers, or bus conductors,...Thanks, Thatch.

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They can't go on strike as such, Bungle - It's illegal.


What will happen is that they will 'agree' to withdraw overtime for sickness cover, by reporting sick when they are phoned to cover someone else.


This sounds rather petty, but would be particularly effective, especially in the DPG, where many extra jobs are carried out by the DPG officers who are on scheduled days off !


The slightly worrying aspect of this is, if the Anti-Terrorist branch do the same.

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