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It was a perfect moment

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Quoting Ed Miller there, in his article in this week's Reporter, where he says he's never heard a Fleet crowd make so much noise.


For re-living that moment in all it's intensity, nothing can compete with the point about 2 minutes 20 seconds into Yorkfox's YouTube video, which, to quote Ed again, "sends a shiver down your spine." It captures what so many people cannot understand about why football is indeed the beautiful game. That raw, unrestrained outpouring of joy is as intense as anything evoked by the finest music, drama or poetry & I defy any intellectual kn*b head to say differently.


Anyway, I'm sure I'm breaking no rules, or getting anyone into trouble, by posting 2 little clips I took at the end - nothing like the brute force of Yorkfox's piece & unfortunately I missed the great dive at the very end, but worth a look. If you are running Vista, you will probably need to view them via DivX Player.


No. 1


No. 2





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Originally Posted By: Chatham Gary
I'm sure your mum is watching on, cheering with everyone else. And for sure she will be at Wembley with us all.

I don't know about being there, cheering with everyone else, I was beginning to think on Saturday that she had somehow managed to take me over. She would always drive me mad, in the run up to big games, reminding me to check I had my season ticket & wallet &, on her own admission, never really enjoyed important matches until they were over when she'd hit the wine or sherry with a vengeance.

Well, between Friday evening & 2.30 on Saturday, I must have asked my wife & father in law 4 times whether they'd remembered their tickets. As for the game, I spent the whole of normal time rocking to & fro in a tight mass of anxiety. Worth it, though, for the release that came with Bostwick's goal. And while I stayed clear of the sherry & wine that night, the beer certainly got a pounding.

As you say, I'm pretty sure, one way or another, she'll be there with the rest of us at Wembley.
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