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Well Done


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alright fellas


just to say well done on sat fellas,was a very good game.I think you killed us in that 10mins spell but i dont think either team deserved to lose.


Trenks never mind mate you may score a goal some day.


Danny i thought i was in luck when you stepped up for the pen as i saved your last one! good memory pal! haha



well done again chaps!


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thanks chops. cant believe you saved that shot, when i hit it i thought it was in. Healesys pen was class and i think even if you dived that way you wouldnt have saved it. You had a good game chops and it was a real open game. Spoke to chester afterwards to clear you for the rep game mate !!

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I'm not getting picked for it, so can i say that all that are involved are CRAP, Trenks is no longer my hero and i hope his 3rd nipple mutates into a wild, raging Growth and attacks him in his sleep!! tongue I hope you get battered 12 nil!!!


Come on AFC Playertheft Can't cope Wid Da Big Boys In Da Ryman Prem FC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Its ok mate. Me and you can go stand in the Eastside and shout abuse.


Or go stand behind one of the goals at holler at the ESL keeper, whoever he may be.


Or we could ask Uncle if we can be half-time entertainment???


Failing that, we could always get a job behind the bar, or in the Uncle Urchin Burger Bar grin

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