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As i said in a thread before yesterdays game I and other Margate supporters saw a first team squad player all over the place in Margate at 1am - the day of our biggest match of the season with a 1pm start! I was fragile at that time, I wonder how he felt. OK he didnt come on but surely that is a disgraceful way to conduct yourself. No doubt he will play on wednesday as well. Seems Trotty has little regard for discipline. I find it shameful.

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Unfortunately buzzgate, it seems our young footballers down here in Tier 7 appear to emulate same from Tier 1!!! Except the fact that ours fall out of Franks and Premiership footballers fall out of Stringfellows!!!!

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No,it wasn't the player I was thinking of.I thought for a minute it might have been Corbishley(apologies Roberto)thinking he was the eldest of the bunch. I got that wrong.

I was wondering why he wasn't brought on & Peters pushed forward replacing Rob or Charlie(who both weren't having a good game)on the day & after we had gone one down.I was also wondering why Trotty wasn't using Roberto more both leading up to the game as well as on Saturday.

Mind you Roberto played last night,started off well but didn't shine much later on.Fitness levels perhaps & maybe that be the reason for not including him. But he is STILL,despite that worth a go at full back i.m.o (his preferred position), & a good option in order to get the best out of Peters,with Rob or Charlie dropping to the bench(on current form).To be fair to Rob though when he came on last night he seemed to show a bit of that old grit in his play thats been missing of late.

We still have a play off spot to play for(albeit with a little help from our friends)so we need to give it our best shot & really go all out for straight wins. It may or may not work but its worth a go I feel.

I hope that more than answers your question.

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