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Fifa- decision on over seas players

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Just wondering if anyone would like to talk about Fifa s decision about having less over seas players, i know that europe said it would breach human rights i believe? however i used to think if you were good enough you would make it at the big clubs, man- u being the example, fielding english talent, however i can understand Fifas worry regarding our national team, not just us, but across europe Arsenal comes to mind only having one english player, i am not knocking Arsenal i am using them as an example, i feel the way things are going we will start looking in the lower leagues, not a bad thing i think also our managers are not getting the chance, i know people will say its because there not good enough but how will we know if they don't get a chance,BF

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For once the man has a half sensible thought and everyone is against him. Septic Bladder is a lawyer, so therefor should know what he has got himself into!

All this foreign players baloney was caused when Britain was conned into joining the EEC, and freedom of labour movement was thrust upon Britain!

They could never invade Britain in war, but can do what they like now!



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this isn't a workable plan while


(a) the Premier league clubs make and keep so much money

(B) we remain in the EU and are signed up to freedom of movement for our European workers



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