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I am Spartacus

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Joe Manager here and as it is Thursday team for Saturday in shirt order.


1) Pat Mullin

2) Ken Pratt

3) Joe Taylor

4) Liam Harwood

5) Dan Young (capt)

6) Luke Wheatley

7) Dan Stubbs

8) Wayne Wilson

9) Nathan Bailey

10) Joe Healy

11) James Gregory


12) McGibbon

14) Ohakam

15) Quain

16) Cliff

17) Wild





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That is one attacking team Jim. Am sure it won't be far away from proper team either. Would love to see Joe Taylor making a start, a big strong lad who holds the ball up well and also knows how to score!

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Originally Posted By: mace
Is Wheatley back in the starting 11 on merit ?

He had a spell in the reserves didn't he ? , looked pretty good in the reserves game at southwood before xmas.

Yes he is but, it does help that Kieron is injured at the moment.

He had the tooting #10 in is pocket on Saturday.
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Does the same apply to Morris-out for a couple of weeks ?


Does it show just how costly unecessary sending offs can be:

Robinson out for three games and the same time Corbs and Morris injured .


I've never seen him play so have no idea of his ability but does McGibbon offer a reasonable option to play right midfield/defence

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