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Big Decisions at Molesey

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From the Molesey FC forum:


Rumours doing the rounds in West Molesey is that after several attempts to buy into local pubs that the McGuiness family want to take over running the Football Club ( recent quotes "it's about time this place is run proper "were noted ! ) John Chambers would be replaced by them and they would take over lock stock and barrel !


The result of this happening would see the scrapping of the first team reserves and youth and the renting out ( yer right !!! ) of the pitch to his side AFC Molesey and Mr Kevin Sweeney's Vets ( the man who proudly gave MFC Norman Clarke & Ray Morris ! )


McGuiness has even turned his back on professional people and started work on the pitch for next season himself !!! God knows what state it will be in come next winter !


For those who don't know... Norman Clarke = ex-chairman who tried to sell the clubs ground among other things and Ray Morris = I'm not sure what I can say but him and Molesey are going at each other in the courts.


Could this be the end for Molesey FC? There is a meeting on Wednesday which could go a long way to deciding what will happen

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Molesey fc, The people that help down the club are all doing a great job. they all give up their time to help a good club, i am a ex -player from yrs ago, the club was buzzing then and still is, Keep the Moles going.

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