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Colin Zeal EFM

Dead Rock Legends

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Richard James Edwards (he is legally dead even if there has been no concrete evidence like a body)


The two dead Ramones


(maybe you could have 10 who you wish were dead instead)

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Most of the best one's have gone already but here is a fair few who might just deserve a mention....


Syd Barett, Jerry Garcia, John Bonham, George Harrison, Elvis Presley, Tim Buckley, Jeff Buckley, Marc Bolan, Bob Marley (OK he's not rock but he is pretty fantastic).


People who I wish were dead instead, this is gonna get nasty..


1. Jon Bon Jovi

2. Shaggy

3. Phil Collins

4. Celine Dion

5. Chris De Burgh


How the world would be a better place without these fools.


<small>[ 24 June 2002, 03:39 PM: This message was edited by: admin ]</small>

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Zac out of EMF is the greatest dead rock star!


John Lennon only died to boost his record sales.


Sid Vicious did for for music in his short life than any of the Lennon/Elvis/Buddy types did.


5 Ones I'd like to see dead

1. The fat one out of Westlife

2. The ugly one of of Westlife

3. The Deformed one out of Westlife

4. The Gay one out of westlife

5. The spotty one out of westlife

Crime - Last Saturday in Dublin burning St.Georges on stage, lets abuse these c***ts at every oppertunity now!

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ok Syd Barrett isn't dead, he's just a bit off the rails as it happens. Still at least someone picked up on it.


I know some of you EFM will be at Glasto, just in case it should rain and you need a holiday afterwards, check this out,




the only way to catch a festival with decent weather? Go to Spain.

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