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Race night update,


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Thanks to Broadstairs Dave for getting the ball rolling on the sponsorship front. We have 7 more races that need sponsoring and 60 horses. lets make this night a success. I fully understand the results on the field have not been great, the management position is up in the air, despite all this the Club is still the club we support. The club with gates dwindling still has to pay the bills. Any help we can give them goes a long way.

I know KP and the board are working dammed hard behind the scenes to rectify the situation,and the remaining back room staff are pulling together to help. I would be very surprised indeed if we do not climb out of this situation. This is a chance, an opportunity for exiles who cannot get to games often to do their bit, with the chance of a reward in the form of winnings.

Come on guys and gals lets make the night a success.

pm me with your sponsorships and i will pm you details of where to send your monies.

thanks BB.

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we now have 2 more races sponsored, details to follow, that leaves 5 races to go.

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For those who think we are being exclusive in our charges for a great night out and our sponsorship charges, go to the above page, this shows we are competitive.

Hopefully we can persuade the new manager to come along as well. Those who have attended previous event know its worth a £5 for the food alone.This is an opportunity to Help Your club through to the end of this difficult season and have a cracking night out as well.



On the 18th 2 days before the race event they had sold all race sponsorships and 70 out of the 72 horses.

contact me,surley we can equal the stones.

Graeme Poyser on 07737996612. or pm me.

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A sterling effort from the Wealdstone fans but lets not just leave it at that. Lets attend ON THE NIGHT TOO if you possibly can & lets give this a right old go at raising much needed funds for the club which in turn COULD help towards seeing new players coming into the club & which in turn COULD help see us progress rather than the opposite.

A big well done for the pre-race-night sponsoring by the Wealdstone bunch but lets not,on the other hand,do as they did & ignore the night itself completely. see below:




A lot of work is going into this night by Blueblood & I can honestly tell you that the food is "magnificent" & well worth a "fiver" in itself. Thanks to Mrs.Blueblood as always for her great cooking skills donated to us for the night,free of charge.


Lets give this night a real good go!! It might be a while before we have such a night again so lets make the most of this "one night". Lets show WEALDSTONE fans how we see this through, from sponsoring before-hand up up to & including attending on the night. Of course sponsoring beforehand doesn't mean you HAVE to be there on the night but it certainly would help if you did.You might even WIN too.


Come on everyone you can do it!

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Due to a lack of response we have decided to cut the admission charge to £2.

£2 for a great night out?

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