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Managers Travelling problem Solved.

I am Spartacus

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At the Forum last night someone asked Mr O'Connell where he lived and if it would cause any problems for him to get to Margate.


Well having checked out the Flybe website I note that not only are they going to be operating from Manston this year but that they also operate from Rochford. Therefore, maybe the club could contact them to arrange free air passage (in one of thier privatecharter planes) to fly Mr O'Connell from Rochford to Manston and vice versa to ease his travelling time.


Alternativley if someone has the funds to purchase a small light aircraft for the club and get Mr O'Connell some flying lessons this would also help.

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alternative to Ians Jet Ski would be John Parker's boat.

Hurry up with the new bridge.

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