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Alan W (GNFC)

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Coming back to the ink being dry what was the real story with Warren Patmore...Seems to be a touch of the Alistair Campbells at the Fleet. The official word at the time was that we'd agreed personal terms but he chose FGR on basis of his friendship with Addison then we read on the managers report that it would have cost every single penny we had to sign him and Andy decided against that option...Surely, some spin of the truth is being put to us by somebody..........

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Not at all Matt.


We had agreed personal terms and he did decide to go to FGR. What happened then I don't know but the cost Andy was talking about was to match the offer made by Margate, not what we had originally offered.


See nice and simple and nothing at all sinister. I take then that you do not subscribe to the [****!!****] up theory of history.

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