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Brimsdown Rovers to merge with Enfield


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I found this on the another forum



Brimsdown set to merge with Enfield

From the North London Press yesterday.....

By Lee Husson

BRIMSDOWN ROVERS will be joining forces with Broxbourne-based Enfield (1893) FC to form a new team playing in the Essex Senior League from next season.

The new team will be playing at Brimsdown’s current ground at Goldsdown Road, with current Rovers boss Justin Moseley and Enfield (1893) manager Kevin Lucas forming a joint-management team.

The plan is also for the two club committees to come together as one, keeping everyone from both clubs involved in the new venture.

The new team will share Goldsdown Road with Enfield Town FC for at least a season before Town move in to their new home at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Donkey Lane.

Rovers chairman Gary Brooker revealed that with Enfield Town moving out of Goldsdown Road in the near future, he had to act to try to salvage his 63-year-old club – who are struggling to stay afloat financially in the current climate – with the loss of gate receipts and bar takings from Town matches likely to kill-off Brimsdown for good.

“It’s definitely going ahead, as it’s a move which makes sense for both parties,” Brooker said. “It’s purely for financial reasons. The way things were going we were in danger of folding at the end of the season, and with Enfield Town moving we had to do something to keep the club alive in some form.

“We made it known that we were looking to merge with another club, and of the clubs we spoke to this was clearly the best deal.

“Enfield (1893) have been looking for a home in the borough, and they have a decent following which helps pay the costs of running the club, so it was an easy decision for us. We want to keep everyone from both clubs on board, from the committees to the playing staff.

“Justin and Kevin are smashing lads and I’m sure they will get on.

“I can’t praise Justin enough for the work he puts in. The amount he does behind the scenes in unbelievable, and he really need some help so he can concentrate on the football.

“If we had three more of him we probably wouldn’t need to do this. We are lucky to have him and he has really done the club proud.”

He added: “Hopefully this will bring a bit of enthusiasm back into Brimsdown because it has been really tough here over the last few years.

“With one club hopefully we can get more people coming through the gate and more support from local businesses.”

Brooker also revealed that the new club would be playing under the Enfield (1893) FC banner next season as Brimsdown will be forced to resign from the Spartan League, though the following year would see a Brimsdown reference incorporated into the title.

“We haven’t decided yet but we’re looking at something like Enfield (1893) BRFC,” the chairman said.

“As for a team badge and kits we’ll have to sit down and decide in the close season.”

For Enfield (1893) FC, the move sees the club finally get their wish of playing in the borough for the first time in their three-year history after the demise of the famous old Enfield FC.

The new club emerged from the ashes of the Es, who were forced to fold in the summer of 2007 due to crippling debts.

And after two seasons groundsharing with Ware at Wodson Park before moving in with Broxbourne Borough at the start of this season, club chairman Steve Whittington spoke of his delight that the new club will be playing in their spiritual home of Enfield.

“It’s fantastic for us to get back in to the borough, and it’s a move that makes sense for both parties,” he said.

“I think it’s a good move for Enfield as a whole, and we’ve already had a lot of interest from sponsors. I’m so pleased for the people who have stood by us.

“I honestly believe that this could propel the new club forward, and I would be disappointed if we are not in the Ryman Premier Division in the next four years.”

The chairman also explained why he had resisted numerous offers of a merger from Enfield Town, the club who broke away from Enfield FC, but took up Brimsdown’s approach instead.

“I just didn’t feel it was the right thing for us to do,” he said. “I think this is a much better way for us to go forward.

“But I have no ill-feeling towards Enfield Town whatsoever. If we can move in to Brimsdown and help them by bringing more people through the gate to go towards their new stadium at QE then that’s great.”

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