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Gulls Proud To Support The Indee Rose Trust


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Canvey Island Football Club is extremely pleased to announce an exciting charity event to take place at the Brockwell Stadium on Sunday 25th July 2010.


Some of the biggest names in British Boxing, along with stars from TV, Film and Music will take part in a football tournament to raise funds for The Indee Rose Trust, which provide support to children recovering from brain and spinal tumors.


A club spokesmen said 'As a club we are extremely honored to host such a high profile event, which will raise key funds for an excellent charity in The Indee Rose Trust. We hope the local community embrace the event and come out in numbers to help raise funds and cheer on the likes of DAVID HAYE, RICKY HATTON, TEDDY SHERRINGHAM & IRON MAIDEN'.


The Club are continuing to build community partnerships and are proud to officially announce the Indee Rose Trust as the Club's offical charity for the 2010/2011 season alongside St Luke's Hospice.





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A truly fantastic event yesterday, well done to all involved.


Ricky Hatton is a ledge, but David Haye is an almighty cooooooooock. I hope he gets bashed up in his next fight.


Ricky spent the whole day signing anything and everything that was put in front of him. Haye would only allow 30 photos and refused to sign anything.

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Haye was a total Diva! I had to laugh when one of the big American fighters told a young lad to get Haye out of his photo session cause he wanted to fight him right there and then.


Steve Harris was very humble when I was chatting to him. He too signed everything and granted all photo opportunties during and after the tournament and the Iron Maiden back-stage team were great guys; going out of their way to chat to us while we waited and after we'd had the photo taken and signed.


Ricky Hatton walked from the ground, down Park Lane and along the main road to pick up his car - Most Celebs of his calibre would've wanted the chauffeur to pick them up right outside.


PJ Gallagher was friendly bloke as well, very chatty.

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