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Internet Explorer stops working

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I am finding that at almost every click the internet explorer stops working & trys to close but by clicking on the red cross it then re-loads to the page I was trying to get to !! any thoughts

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have noticed a few moans abut IE, but not just here. I am running fine with it on this site, but then I am running IE9 - so first of all I would strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version.


IE6 and IE7 are all but dead - IE6 definately should be cast onto the tip and there is no realy reason to be running IE7 either.


But why not look at Chrome or Firefox? Two very good browsers, better than the rubbish that IE have put out in the past.


IE9 is the best of the bunch so far, but I think you need Windows 7 or Vista to run it. If you are on XP use IE8.

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I am currently building an alternative skin for use by IE users - I hope to have this completed this afternoon/evening.


Another site has confirmed the same issue, so hopefully we will establish the cause and get a fix on this skin as well.


As soon as I have news, I will post it.

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Internet explorer users below version 9 should now see an alternative skin, called 'Alternative' - nothing like being original ;)


If others would like to use this skin, it can be selected from the footer area - click on 'Change Theme'.


I will do my level best to keep both skins up to date, but if you spot any errors, let me know and I will sort them out. The messages at the top for IE6, IE7 & IE8 users will remain for the time being.

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