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Eton Manor vs Witham Town


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Witham returned to action in a big way , putting 10 past Eton Manor....Look a very strong squad.


Eton Manor , to their credit, kept on going, and played some good football in patches.


Withams leading scorer, Rob Whittnel, due to return to action

next week .......

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there is no way Eton Manor can come out of a result like that with any credit, saying they kept going is just using banal talk , after all they couldnt exactly walk off the pitch when only seven goals had gone in could they?


they have conceeded five to Takeley, Apsa and Enfield, six to Barkingside and now ten to Witham. With a website woefully out of date is anyone alive at the club are Kevin and George Durrant even still there?

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I go way back with Kevin, dating back to our thurrock dynamo u13 1982 cup winning side, and he is a close friend.

I am gutted for him but he will be back in management soon, possibly with Bethnal Green.

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My sources inform me Bethnal Green are under caretake stewardship at the moment and they are lookign to make a big appointment in the summer. Kevin Durrant's record speaks for itself and he will do a great job. Good luck 'kev'.

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