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St Neots Drinking Agenda (Real Men Only)

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Friday night:: 8 PM : Pig N Falcon, New Street, St Neots. Top local rock band on called

Stormchaser, so if you like your real ale and music, please feel free to join us.


Saturday: 12PM: Weeping Ash, New Street St Neots. This is the local Wetherspoons

although I am reliably informed that its better than the Moon and Spoon in Slough

(where you have to wipe your feet on the way out).




Big breakfast

Nurse hangover

Buy Non League paper to remind you of what happened on Saturday


See you all there, TTFN

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Oh no if Kay isnt going either who is going to tell you lot who is off side and who is not.. Ian you know I like to throw in these little surprises now and again remember when you saw me drinking coke ONCE !!


As for you Warren dont even go there about missing games !! I will be there with you in spirit dont worry.

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Maybe Warren knows somewhere I havent been before.... ;)


Theres plenty of over pubs and bars, Theres a pub over the road from the Pig called Jaz Yorks ( was called the Wrestlers) that is nice inside and chilled out with sofas etc.

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For those planning to go to the Pig & Falcon you might be interested to know that on a Friday & Saturday night there's usually a barbeque in the beer garden. The inside of the pub is a bit small however there's plenty of sheldered & heated seating outside.

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Was thinking of booking 'The Grill Room' for dinner on Saturday night, have you ever eaten there Rowan (or know anyone that has)? Was also looking at the Naweb Lounge...

Ive heard good things about both Glen, but only eaten at the Nawab, very good and just over the road from the Pig :D

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Right guys, just in after a night out in St Neots, black tie do, Scott Quinell guest speaker (wrong shaped ball sheep shagger) left the Pig N Falcon at 01:55am. Fecking beer range is mental! The erm wine bar come disco party lounge is right opposite (was called the wrestlers pub) now Jazz Yorks. So real ale one side, party people designer the other. Have fun see you Saturday (their is a message behind the bar for you Slougn Fans at the Pig N Falcon? Lol

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