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:thumbsup: Thank you for the kind comments.


I see no reason why we can't do Clapton FC proud with this website. Contributions are welcome and you can join the website just as a supporter on line. We have a forum and constructive comments, observations and suggestions are very welcome.


For those who want to know exactly what is going on at the club, there is the opportunity of joining the supporters club itself.


:ph34r: The club has been 'under the radar' for too long and whilst this would appear to have benefited some, those days may be coming to an end. The club needs to open up and be accessible to all who are interested in taking it forward and there are a surprising number of people who are willing to do so.


Let Glasnost rule. :)

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I saw my first ever game at the famous, Spotted Dog ground yesterday, greeted at the ground with a hand shake and a warm welcome to Clapton FC. I can honestly say, you can taste the history of the club, whilst drinking a beer in the clubhouse.

I will without a doubt be going back, it was probably the friendliest club, I have been too, just a shame the locals don't visit, this fantastic little club, that shares its entrance with a tyre repair garage in Forest Gate....

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The Tyre warehouse has had their application for planning refused by Newham. Their appeal was withdrawn as they cannot guarantee 10 years of occupation of the premises.



However, thanks for the kind comments. This impetus is driven by the Friends of Clapton FC and most notably by Paul Maybin (nephew of former Clapton player, Terry Maybin) who is doing a great job in trying to make a visit to th club a better experience.


OK, so it's not Wembley but it is a great place to watch a game of football.

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Good luck with this,and I hope that the story about Clapton FC on Pitchero today does not detract from your good work.

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I haven't seen this, can you please send me the link.


We have an article in this month's www.groundtastic.co.uk which explains the situation regarding the ground.


The Clapton Supporters Club (www.friendsofclaptonfc.info) are taking advice from Supporters Direct on this issue and hopefully it can be resolved in the best interests of Clapton FC.


We have spent a lot of time on this, and know the situation. What a shame.


If you want to know the full scoop, join us.

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Thank you. That would be about right.

It is, as you would imagine, a good deal more complicated than that.


However, the first task is to sort the ground out and supporters direct are bang on this.


More immediate problems, as it presently stands, are these:-

  • How do London Bari fulfill their fixtures? Clapton have no home games after the cut off date.
  • Did London Bari contract with Clapton FC, Mr McBean or the Newham Community Leisure Trust.
  • Elsewhere on this board the secretary of London Bari states that the agreement was with Clapton and rental money was paid, at the direction of Mr McBean, by electronic transfer.
  • A life member of Clapton FC has asked the Essex Senior League for this information and this has been refused, not only by them but also by the London FA and Mr McBean himself.
  • Did the Essex Senior League or London Bari do 'due diligence' on this agreement and were the Essex Senior League clubs at their AGM, or the Football Asscoaition, made fully made aware of the situation regarding the ability, or not, of Clapton FC to ground share.
  • Is that Life member responsible if Clapton FC, or it's officers, have wrongly or mistakenly held themselves out as being able to grant a sub-lease. licence and/or have received the rent in this respect?

The Football Association are also aware of the above.

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Nice to see some interest in Clapton these days , I was at your match v Enfield last month , There seems to be a bit of enthusiasm there. Lots to do for the ground though but hopefully it will come good. Shame about the pub outside I was looking forward to a pint and a sarnie in there. I loved that picture in your programme a big main stand packed with people all down one side , how times change.

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Most of the enthusiasts at the ground will have been members of the supporters club. A nice 'following ' is developing and the result is that the club, and it's 'Chief executive', can no longer float under the radar whilst certain issues are being questioned and examined.


There is no evidence of there being an actual membership of the football club itself. The 'chairman', an appointee of the Chief Executive, has confirmed that membership is closed. Our view is that there are no 'paid up members' of the club and an examination of the club's accounts will prove this.


There are surviving life members are these are paid up members of the supporters club.


The above issue relating to London Bari not fulfilling their fixtures is because the cut off date for the lease holding company, set by Companies House, is 8th April 2013


As for work on the ground etc, this is the responsibility of the lease holding company (Newham Community Leisure Limited) , a director of which is the Chief executive of Clapton FC. The company and club are two separate entities.


The situation regarding the pub is extremely sad. However, there is a group looking to resolve the situation. Their website is at www.savethespotteddog.org. Members of that group are also members of the Clapton FC Supporters Club as both have similar objectives.


It would be great to watch the match and then have a pint in the Dog afterwards. Particularly if the Dog were to be a community owned pub where Clapton FC were actively involved. Dreams dreams.....


The immediate problems for CFC are set out above. Luckily we have support and help from Supporters Direct and the radar is being lowered.

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