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Please help Slough Town FC Return Home


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Hello All


I was wondering if you could take just two minutes of your time to help out Slough Town FC

As I am sure you know we have been playing outside of our town for 10 seasons now. We have put a lot of hard work and money into a site in the last 5 years to return home.


However, that is now under threat as the Department of Education have written to our council demanding the site be used for a new Sikh school who already had another site planned but had strong rejection from local residents who didnt want their village ruined.


We are not against the school but think that they should work with the council to find another site.


Please sign our petition and help Slough Town FC return home, it takes just two minutes although you will be sent a link by e-mail and will need to confirm your signature


Thankyou in advance



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