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Hello.... its me again...

Canvey Bird

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Hi ya everyone. Who remembers me then (apart from Rhodes that is)....

Can't remember my old log in name... but I used the old Fans focus regularly and met a few of you out and about on my travels with Canvey. 

There was all you guys from AFC Hornchurch, a few from the Spartan League and obviously the guys and gals from Canvey.

The names Paula by the way..

If ya wondering where i've been well.... I remarried, lived in Egypt for 3 years and have now returned home. Marriage gone up the wall but back and happy.

Will be going to Canvey for a couple of pre seasons and then get back over there for the new season.

Pop by on fb or on here and say hi. Be great to hear from ya all again.


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He doesn't appear to have been on here since May 6th. 2012.

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Hi ya guys, how ya doing??? Looks like i'll be seeing you again Eastside at a game.... you can get me a drink lol.

Bet ya thought you'd got rid of me ha ha - you ain't that lucky ha ha YELLLLLLOWWWWWWS. XX

If you see Cantos (Grant) say hi for me. xx

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