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2014/15 upgrade

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I will shortly be starting the upgrade for the 2014/15 season. This is quite time consuming as I have to go through every club in our database., some 2000+, but hopefully this will be complete before the start of the season. The large club section can be found here.


So if anyone ever wishes to help me on the site, please do get in touch via this link. or use the 'contact us' link at the top - or simply PM me! I have asked many times over the years for help, but still pretty much run this on my own along with a couple  of great moderators in a couple of league forums. It is not complicated work. Obviously if you have HTML or PHP skills then this would enable you to use them for the good of non-league football, but this is not required for 90% of the jobs. Helping here with sills, might also look good on a CV!


Talking of leagues, I am thinking of abandoning the majority of league forums. I was rather hoping that other people might come on-board in their leagues, but this has not happened, so I think it is time to rethink.  i will keep leagues where they are active, but they will now be grouped together. All posts from other leagues will go into a general non-league forum. Club forums will also be grouped together. I can of course start new forums if required.


If you have any thoughts on the layout of the forums, please let me know in this topic.  All suggestions considered,


Essentially I am going to revert back to a more simplistic group of forums, and not divide into leagues as is the current layout. 














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i have now simplified the list of forums here on Non League UK.


Essentially I am removing all league and club forums that are no longer being used. The exception being one or two larger inactive club forums of 500+ topics. These inactive ones can still be used and will be moved back to club forums should they have new life.


All posts from these closed forums will be moved in due course to most suitable open forum. You might get a few broken links in the meantime.


Am still willing to open new club or league forums as long as they are used.


If anyone thinks of any forums that might be of use (i.e. general discussion ones for example), then feel free to suggest.....


Feedback welcome......

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