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Wobbly Wayne rides again

Is Darren Gee Jeff King in disguise

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Interesting comments from the tamworth manager on the nationwide Conference website.


quote ' we should win games like this. a big strong side that didn't play attractive football ' unquote

He only needed to add the bit about Tamworth playing footie, and the Fleet playing Rugger and he would have completed the sayings of a certain Mr King.


He fails to mention that they were totally outplayed and outpassed throughout the whole game as well. he doesn't appear popular with the locals at the moment and with an attitude shown below you can see why.


Full quote below ;


Livid Gee blasts players after defeat 23 Nov


Tamworth manager Darron Gee was furious with his players after the Lambs crashed to a 3-1 home defeat to fellow strugglers Gravesend & Northfleet on Saturday.


The loss leaves Tamworth just one place above the bottom three and Gee had no excuses after the match.


"I can't defend the performance," he said. "We know we should win games like this and the fans have every right to air their views and be annoyed at what they witnessed.


"But the fans must bear with us as all we can do now is fight on.


"We were beaten by a big strong side that didn't play attractive football but got the result and that's exactly what we are not doing at present.


"In all the other games this season I have said even in defeat we were fighting all the way, but that was not the case today and it looked like men against boys.


"You have to question the commitment of the lads that played today although Jason Blunt was the only player I would say played a good game.


"I feel for the fans because they deserve better but I am not here for the ride and this just heightens my resolve - I still believe in myself and the players - we will fight on."



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Sigh! Aren't we always a team people should beat that don't play attractive football and aren't very good.


Well, we'll just have to relegate them like we did Nuneaton, then...

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