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Contrary to current rumours.......

Big J R

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There is no truth that I have passed on to that big pitch in the sky, nor joined the board of Dorking Wanderers OR Horsham Y.M.C.A.


Yes folks  -  I'm back.  (hears distant groans in the background.)


The truth of the matter is that we have had serious computer problems in this house, resulting in great expense and up-grading.


My ISP is now different, so any of you that want my details, please pm me.  One of the problems was that I have lost ALL my contact details, so it'll take time to get back up to date.


Please excuse me, but I must return to the absolutely fascinating Cobham F.C. thread.  I must admit it's making very interesting reading, and far be it for me to comment........

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I see you've been watching "24 hours in Police Custody", Peter !!


I wish I had a quid for ever time I've heard that two-liner.

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I'm sorry to be a real pain, but after experiencing serious problems between my ISP and the e-mail service I have used for years, I have had to change my method of sending and receiving mail.  This meant nearly an hours telephone conversation with my ISP to resolve the situation, thankfully, a free phone call.


Any of you that have my e-mail address which remains the same, ending in




please send me a quick e-mail so I can start rebuilding my address book.

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