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league winners


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Poole are really starting to pull away now. Poole beat Chesham 3-0 at home on Tuesday night.

Corby beat Weymouth 5-1 at home on Wednesday night leaving Corby 1 point behind Weymouth but with a game in hand



Poole Pld 29 Pts 69 GD 44

Weymouth Pld 32 Pts 64 GD 13

Corby Pld 31Pts 63 GD 26

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I hope the Corby manager gives his team a week off otherwise we will have no chance of beating them or putting in a great performance.


I think he's learnt his lesson, giving their players a day off was a big mistake and definitely cost Corby the 3 points against an average to poor team that they really should be beating   :lol:    

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